About William M. Fish

With over forty-five years of experience, Mr. Fish supports universities and other institutions building effective international recruitment plans and partnerships.

Washington International Education Council
Mr. Fish founded and is President of the Washington International Education Council (WIEC). For nineteen years, the Council has organized the premier international education conference bringing together senior university administrators, English language Program Directors, members of the diplomatic community, and representatives of NGOs and the United States Government.

Consulting in International Education
Mr. Fish has worked for many of the largest organizations active in the field of international education and has on the ground experience in more than forty countries. His work has assisted in the establishment of new programs on university campuses and innovative partnerships with organizations around the world. 

About William Fish

Accolades and Accomplishments
He is recognized as an expert on ethical international student recruitment and visa policies. Mr. Fish has directed programs in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington.

He was recognized by NAFSA: Association of International Educators at the National Conference for contributions to the field, was appointed to the Strategic Task Force on International Student Access, chaired the Task Force on Short-Term Training Programs, and was a member of the Consular Affairs Working Group.

He was elected Chair of the New England Region of NAFSA in 1979.

Mr. Fish is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and is a published photographer and filmmaker. He is the proud father of three daughters.

Consulting Experience

Work with Universities
  • For a public university and accompanied by the Graduate Dean, organized trips to Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, scheduled and led all meetings with EducationUSA officers, scholarship agencies, public and private counseling offices, students, potential partners including top universities and select private high schools.
  • For universities, scheduled and led meetings with placement and scholarship officials at Embassies and at NGOs. 
  • For a group of private universities, organized and led recruiting trips to Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • For universities and language programs, designed cost-effective international marketing and recruitment plans resulting in significant growth in applications and enrollment.
Work with Organizations
  • For a multinational private organization active in international education, organized meetings with potential university partners resulting in contracts.
  • For a multinational private organization with programs in this country met with U.S. Embassy officials in China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other countries to facilitate visa issuance.
  • For a multinational private organization with programs in the United States, represented the programs on a U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Mission to Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.
  • Organized meetings with top officials at the Department of Homeland Security to gain approval of new innovative programs enrolling international students.
  • For a multinational education organization, organized a luncheon for over 100 top Embassy officials.
  • For a group of schools, negotiated contractual relationships and built a highly effective network of 75 representatives in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America
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