We consult for a variety of educational institutions in order to effectively amplify their growth in the international sector.

In collaboration with the diplomatic community and sponsors, we launch sophisticated international marketing programs, foster purposeful relationships between partner institutions, and design innovative programs for international students.

With increased demand for our services, we are now receiving new clients. 

COVID-19 Response
With shifting tides in international education due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially important now to stay informed and able to make rapid adjustments. Our services will ensure you are able to navigate the increasingly complex climate in international education, prioritizing both public health and the continuation of education for international students.
International Student Enrollment
Boost Student Enrollment

We are experts in International Student Recruitment. We design and implement international marketing plans tailored to the specific criteria of each institution. Contact us today to see how we can benefit your University, English Language Program, or Independent School.

Our Student Services

In addition to consulting universities, we offer many services for students and their parents.

With over 40 years of experience in international education, thousands of contacts at universities, and an extensive understanding of the challenges international students face when applying to schools in this country, we provide guidance on selection and application for admission to higher education in the United States. Read our article, “Guidance for Student Visa Applicants”.

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